Akili King

National Program Director | Soldiers To Sidelines

Hattiesburg MS | Professional Training & Coaching

"Soldiers to Sidelines: National Program Director"

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After 23 years of service to our nation I do not think of myself in lofty terms. Looking back at my journey so far, I am a southern boy from Mississippi finding my way through life. Endlessly challenged, overcoming obstacles, falling on my face, always learning and always curious. My story started at West Point Football and the 75th Ranger Regiment. Then I reinvented myself as a business development, operations, and a growth leader in Industry. I now serve Veterans and Service Members who want to become Sports Coaches in our Nation's communities! 


I have a large professional network and like making introductions

I am a Veteran or Service member


  • Ask me about transitioning
  • Ask me about my career
  • Ask me about higher education
  • Ask me anything; I'm here to listen: I believe that a service member's transition starts as soon as they enter the service. I look forward to exploring how we can maximize your current resources to achieve your desired goals.

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    Hattiesburg, MS 39402, US

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    (GMT-05:00) America/Chicago - Central Time

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    Professional Training & Coaching

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1 Review

Andrew Cal

March 6, 2017

Great listener and able to offer advice. Offers a fair and balanced view point