Benjamin M. Effinger, MPA

Operations Chief (Division Manager) | Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector

Glendora CA | Government Administration

"Veteran Air Force Security Forces Staff Sergeant, now a senior municipal government manager and leader with the largest Southern California County. Available for transition and leadership mentoring, advice and support."

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When people ask me what I do for a living, after a short pause, my response is, “I make local government happen!”  That is usually followed up by several questions along the lines of…"Well, how do you do that?"

Let me explain...  

In my role as a senior manager in the nation’s largest municipal treasurer and tax collector, I make government happen by billing and collecting secured property taxes on more than 2.3 million properties within Los Angeles County.  Yes, that number is correct, more than 2.3 MILLION.  Property taxes are a lifeblood revenue stream to power local government.  Think about it, property taxes fund everything from emergency response to local parks and libraries to the community colleges and school districts.  Not to mention local government public social services.  

As a tax collector, I do much more than just send bills and sit back and wait for the money to come into the county revenue stream.  I provide critical public services, to include social work, customer service, and educational outreach for the property owners in Los Angeles County.

I also serve as an Advisory Board Member for the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education Customer Experience Certificate Program. In this role, I conduct curriculum review, provide feedback and input at board meetings, serve as a panelist and mentor to program students, and assist UCI in delivering a top-notch CX program.

Another passion of mine is being an advocate for vets in local government.  The veteran population is a significant resource, however many vets do not know how to access local government employment.  I enjoy mentoring vets to breakdown the barriers that exist in their “Pursuit of Happyness” in continuing to serve in their local communities.

If you are interested in finding out more about local government or how veterans are integral pieces of making local government happen, please feel free to reach out and connect with me.  I also serve on the Veterans Advisory Committee (VAC) for ICMA.  Check out my journey into local government in my American Society of Public Administration (ASPA)  Article -

I’ve also been accepted to the University of La Verne’s Doctor of Public Administration Program. I will begin my studies in the Fall 2021 semester. Looking forward to starting this next chapter in my educational journey.

If I can be of assistance in any way, or you’d like to catch a cup of coffee and chat, I’d love to connect!



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    Glendora, CA 91741, US

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    Government Administration

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    Air Force

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14 Reviews

Jason Earley

July 21, 2021

Ben has a history of improving himself and a passion for guiding others to unlock their potential. Ben is a master long term strategist who weaves together his education, military and government service, board membership, professional association participation, and writing into one authentic whole. He spends his days modernizing processes within local government to create a better customer experience for constituents. If you have any interest in working in government, or just an interest in understanding how local government works, talk to Ben! Ben is generous with his time and offered to connect again anytime I have additional questions. He even sent me some suggestions for how to gain a foothold within local government. Thank you Ben, you rock!

Joshua Kelly

July 17, 2021

Benjamin was extremely helpful! He had a lot of great insight and offered some great advice.

Felecia Fabor

May 19, 2021

Amazing conversation yet again! Excited to see what's going to happen next

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